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What happens when you sponsor:

How Many Families can my contribution help?

Every community contribution is welcome to help bring more quality services to those who need it.

Every donation of $105.00 contributes to helping one child, youth or family receive services at a lower rate, for any program or Limitless Youth Service best suits their social/emotional needs. 

You Help a Family

Your sponsorship allows children, youth and families to access Limitless Youth Inc. mental health/wellness support at a lower rate depending on their socio-economic status/needs. Sponsorship funds are applicable to all Limitless Youth programs and for all clients who need them.

Website Representation

With sponsorship of $105 or more, your corporate/company logo and website are shared on our sponsors page for our community and clients to see and learn 

Personalized Updates

At Limitless Youth Inc. it's important to us that you know where your sponsorship money has gone. With each family you sponsor, you will receive confidential updates regarding which program your sponsorship helped a family access. The owners of Limitless Youth Inc. update you personally themselves.

Recognition and Support

When you sponsor a minimum of 5 families, Limitless Youth Inc. owners and facilitators will come speak on behalf of your sponsorship to families at corporate events to share the impact you've made for the Ottawa community!

Community Sponsors:


This generous donation has helped to create a therapeutic art, community, and innovation program for adults with developmental disabilities. They also fed a young boy with healthy food for a week of camp

Trane Technologies 

This appreciated donation helped send a young boy wit complex medical needs to our summer camp for a week!


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Our volunteers play such an important role for all of our clients! They help to provide each child, youth, and family with extra care and support in our programs!

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