Sonnet To a Female Entrepreneur

Sonnet to a Female Entrepreneur

Today I feel like a leader.

Today I am a leader.

Today the fire inside of me is flaring and popping and bursting with light.

I am reminded that if you fake it till ya make it....eventually you do actually make it.

Today my mind rewinds to the insecure young lady crying in the bathtub. It spins backwards

quickly to a stout little girl so desperate to be seen but too scared to step up.

Today that little girl is still inside me, deep down.

She is looking up at me with a face brighter than it ever could have been there when she was.

Today I am my own hope. My own inspiration.

The fire in me was gently kindling in me and I had no clue.

Every hard moment just a gust of wind trying to seem strong enough to blow away my blaze.

Every time my fire flickered,

Simmered down,

and flared back up to use its fiery mouth; consuming all that life has to offer.


Among other challenges, female entrepreneurs have been found to shy away from their accomplishments, as noted in Business News Daily by Paula Fernandes. She notes that female CEO's she's spoken to have felt that sharing the pride in the hard work they've put into their startups and career can feel like bragging, or create fear that they will be looked down on by being the main contributor of a business. ( )

In an earlier blog post we shared that affirmations to ourselves help us to separate our personal life and feelings from our work selves. Today, we dare to share affirmations and beliefs I have told ourselves on a journey as female entrepreneurs. This sonnet was written for ourselves and others who may find it speaks true to their inner strength and passion as innovators as well.

Being an innovator, a dream chaser, a life changer can be hard at times. The hurdles can often be doubled as innovators who are also women. But today we want to share with you that we are stronger than these barriers, and we are here to overcome DAILY to achieve our goals.

If you're a female entrepreneur, or an innovative human striving to create change around you in all shapes and forms, this is for you.

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