Our First Acting Role as Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Wow! Our first ever blog post! It’s easy to feel like a grade two student who plays the “tree” in the Christmas play. Really, nothing could go THAT wrong...but what if EVERYTHING goes wrong?

We’ve been facing a similar inner dilemma as we’ve begun our journey of blending our helping professional backgrounds with the entrepreneur world. Just like “Tree Kid”, we have to suck it up, plant some roots and get through this one branch at a time.

*Act One, set the scene at Algonquin College Student Commons where two students are 6 hours deep into their assignment writing*

Sophia and Joanne have their Starbucks in their hand, legs up on the classic “70’s orange” fake leather seats. Their conversation has taken a side route from grading rubrics to future dreams and hopes. Sophia explains her life dream to open an equestrian based therapy facility for young people with disabilities.

If you’re thinking “wow, dream big” don’t worry, I thought that to. At that time we had no clue that i’d be coming back to Sophia a year later asking if she wanted to turn her idea into a business we could implement together here in Ottawa.

And now if you’re thinking “what a mooch, stealing Sophia's idea like that” don’t get too ahead of yourself here. I have my own dreams too. Through my experience working with children and youth, i built this passion for creating therapeutic programs. More specifically, writing sessions that blended with who my clients were, what they needed, what they wanted, and how they liked to learn and grow. I think I spent more time in college writing sessions for clients in my free time than I did sleeping.

*Act Two, set the scene at a small family farm in Perth where Joanne just happened to be visiting a friend.*

Joanne walks up to the most massive mammal she has ever seen in her life and stares into it’s eyes.

*Enter Koko the horse*

Naturally, poor Joanne had to walk back to Sophia the next week, eyes down, shoulders slumped to admit that Sophia was not a crazy horse lady with too big a dream,and that she needed in on the experience too.

*Flash forward to 2018, our current scene.*

In this still nerve-wracking play. Joanne and Sophia have embarked on their first adventure to create The Help Youth Get Stronger Organization, to make animal and horse based therapy accessible to all “at-risk”youth in the city of Ottawa. As you can imagine, we haven’t been upgraded to “main cast” yet in the world of business, but for now we’ll get through being the “Tree Kid” and start planting some roots.

As we embark on our newest adventure as Child and Youth Care Practitioners, we can’t wait to keep posting about the challenges...

The first cast photo of The Help Youth Get Stronger Team...of many to come

and successes we face along the way.

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