Dare to be Innovative

They say DARE to be innovative. Yet, as an organized person and advocate of realistic, obtainable goals... I allow myself all too often to take the limits and barriers I think exist at face value.

But that is not innovation. It's only planning. At conferences, I often hear speakers discuss how to help Ottawa become a city of innovation; how to foster a population of innovators. I myself am part of the population Ottawa wants to foster this ability in. My age group is one that has experienced technology, new ideas, and innovative growth happen all around us, and now we have older, more experienced people telling us "Please, go innovate, go add to this, we need you as well." I myself want to be an innovator. This seed of an idea "How can I innovate?" Has been growing all around me as well. And I think I've got an idea that will help me and hopefully others tap into the root of innovation.

I hear people speak of how we can make Ottawa a city known for it's innovation. But how do we get there?

Luckily, I have another natural force on my side. The power of being in my 20s. I am fortunate enough to be a young, educated, passionate professional with a job in my field and a home to call my own. While I've worked so hard to play by the rules and limits to get where I am and in a place to start my career and my life on the right foot, I also haven't become too rooted in my habits of thinking yet. I'm in a decade of exploration, learning, growth, and limit pushing.

Being a young professional in my 20's means i'm learning to play by the rules..but i'm still learning how to push them as well

Now this idea, is just that. It's not an idea that I hope will turn into a product with a corresponding app. It's an idea that I want to grow into a bigger idea, and foster more ideas and ideas from more and more people.

I want to DARE to be innovative. I want to see no limits while working within the limits I currently have.

When I think about innovation, I want ideas to come from 2 halves of my brain. I want to plan while being aware, and realistic, and manageable about how we can make our ideas happen in Ottawa as it is right now. How can we launch? How can we gather research? How can we run events that will be successful with how innovation looks right now. This half of my brain has been well-developed over most of my life spent in the school system, planning multiple fundraisers in my career, and through planned advocacy meetings for my clients.

Being practical and realistic plays a role in being a successful innovator.

The norm and practical approach does work in getting things done. The other half of my thinking though, I want that to drastically change.

I want to daydream, and wonder, and imagine where my business could go if limits and planning didn't exist. If I pushed and worked and dared to move in a direction that wasn't safe...if I pushed limits and spoke to investors and communities and influential groups about my business in a way that helped them imagine and daydream what it could be...where would my business go?

I want to wonder, daydream, and imagine where innovation can take me. I want to see past the limits.

Where could LIMITLESS thinking take Ottawa? To me it's something worth considering; because safe, practical, and "normal" isn't what's going to make Ottawa the city of innovation.

Change, risk, and NEW ideas will.

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