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At Limitless Youth Ottawa, we build and create therapeutic programs as unique as our clients are!

We use our original Empowerment model alongside Child and Youth Care Practice to create therapeutic experiences around each client's strengths and needs!

Today's youth - Tomorrow's leaders.

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Listed below are our current programs we have created for clients! Each one is adaptable to fit your needs as a child, youth, and/or family!  

New programs are always being developed as new needs arise in our community! Additionally, Baseline Limitless Programming is always available for therapeutic needs any current programs don't address! 

Circle of Support Group Programs

Unlocking our Personal Power, Together.

Working within groups towards the goal of wellness and growth has so many proven benefits!

Limitless Youth Inc. aims to empower young people to discover the power they have to help themselves and to help others. 

All of our Group Programs are run with N.U.T.S. Ottawa, with their interactive, multi-media obstacle course for physical movement, activities & Regulation!

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EAL and Limitless programming

Horse Powered, People Driven.

In this programming horses, coordinators, and certified Equine Assisted Learning coaches come together to create an individualized and unique therapeutic experience.


Working with horses is scientifically proven to have an abundance of social and emotional benefits, but with the right EAL coach, combined with before and after session programming from trained Child and Youth Care Practitioners, it can feel more like magic.

Learn more about our EAL Coaches

Parent Empowerment 

You have more helping power than they think

In today's culture there is an endless ocean of helping resources and services for parents.  

It can be overwhelming with so many approaches, opinions, books, webinars, workshops, articles, and services to choose from and identifying which methods work best for your children and your family.

Through our Parent Empowerment program,we work alongside you to discover the changes you can foster, and the resources that may be right for you based on your family's unique needs and strengths. 


Individual Programming

Because therapeutic programming isn't one size fits all.

At Limitless Youth Inc. we know that  every barrier, struggle, difficulty or challenge for someone is a unique experience. 


We believe that every child and youth deserves a program that is as original as they are! 

Therapeutic activities, interventions, resources, referrals, counselling opportunities, community involvement and more are all intentionally planned and created based on each client's strengths, needs, and goals! 

School Support

Navigating your child's education, together.

Students spend approximately 7-8 hours of a day in school. 

Through experience, Limitless Youth Inc. has acknowledged the vast amount of hours parents put in thinking, acting, and reflecting on how to optimize these hours for their children academically and emotionally.

Limitless Youth Inc. aims to help minimize the stressful and discouraging moments that can often come alongside this effort from parents. 

Each school support experience can look different depending on what the needs for you and your family are.

A Supportive Therapist

Wait No More

Don't let wait lists put your wellness on hold

Ottawa offers a variety of effective and helpful programs to support children youth and families. 

In an ideal world we could access these resources when we need them, but with current wait lists there can be a barrier put in your way of receiving services. 

Limitless Youth Inc.'s Wait No More Program offers individualized programming that helps build skills such as group speaking, self-awareness, self-advocacy, and more. Fostering these skills can increase the positive outcomes for when you're next on that waiting list for a program! 

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