Sophia's passion for helping vulnerable clients and love for Horse Assisted Therapy alongside Joanne's passion for therapeutic programming and desire to empower her clients formed the vision for Limitless Youth Inc. Their goal is to provide a therapeutic service that responds barriers and limits on young people thriving in their transition to adulthood.  Building programs and services that are consistently adapting as the Ottawa community does. 

"As soon as we started talking about the change we want to see in the world...we couldn't stop"



Limitless Youth Inc. is a small scale business with a BIG impact.

As owners and Founders of Limitless Youth Inc. we are always aiming to provide clients with the best support and services we can offer.

As the dedicated, experienced, and flexible helping professionals of Limitless Youth Inc. we can always provide our clients with the personalized support they need! 

You deserve to feel connected to your therapeutic service

Working with Limitless Youth Inc. means you have access to a genuine, connected, and authentic helping experience. 

We want to work alongside you to overcome the barriers you face, and to work towards your goals! 

At Limitless Youth Inc. we want you to feel included, empowered, and prioritized in the service you receive. Part of that is knowing and feeling comfortable with your helping professionals. 

Book a                                   today to meet the owners and workers of Limitless Youth Inc. and to get to know more about who we are and how we can help! 

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